As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is a fact that no one would be happy to live around a dirty environment. This has forced everyone to ensure that their environment is clean. But the big worry is that the kind of methods used is not healthy for our bodies. Some people are in fact using very intoxicating chemicals to clean their homes.

Over the decades people have developed fear for germs that they are willing to do anything that will make them live in a clean environment. But to avoid all these stressful methods of cleaning our environment, scientists have discovered a friendly means of cleaning our environment. This new method is known as Green cleaning.

Researchers have shown that green cleaning is environmental friendly since they involve no chemicals. They are nontoxic hence they won’t affect your health. These green cleaners are biodegradable which implies that, they are made of plants or mineral based.

Green cleaning is method which is relatively cheap and easy to find. They do not involve any kind of advertisement to market them and they may not be catchy to your eyes since they are not of any bright colors but they have a long time proof behind them. This green cleaning 101 involves the following:


Everyone is aware that water is a universal solvent and hence water will get rid of most stains with minimum hustles but rest you be assured that no residues or left overs will be found in your living room.

Natural soaps

Soaps made from plant oils such as aloe Vera are mild but their versatilities makes them good for cleaning services which are not only environmentally friendly but also they are providing natural degreasing power.

Natural acidic solutions

The most common kind of natural acidic cleaner is lemon juice. It is very much useful in removal of basic residue such as rust, soap scum, or water spots. The most approved solution for basic dirt is by using acidic solution. For instance the use of white distilled vinegar is very much essential in bleaching activities.