5 Best Steam Mops for 2014

With steam mops in market; house cleaning has become easier and simpler task. Best mops in the market takes housing cleaning experience to another level. The task is no more time consuming, no more use of much energy and no more stress in cleaning the house. This has been made possible by availability of the best steam mop in the market. Though there are many types and makes of mops; they all have different outcomes on floors depending on how good is the mop and also depending with the features of the mop.

The following are 5 best steam mops that stood out after careful scrutiny of all steam mops in the market.

The Eureka Enviro Steamer.

This machine uses continuous steam with a magic cleaning cloth. It was tested against ceramic tiles, vinyl, hardwood and laminate floors with tough stains and emerged the best with excellent cleaning results. The machine maintained cleaning consistency on all the floors. It is a continuous steam mop without a trigger and therefore suitable for people who do not like switching on and off the trigger. It is heavier than others though slides perfectly over floors.

Water Steam Mop

Used easily especially in the bathroom and kitchens. Has the trigger for persons who like control over steam output. Easy to use and a perfect water absorber. Ability to remove tough stains on the floor

Bissell Steam Mop

The first characteristic of this mop is that it is sturdy. This gives the mop stability on the floor, it is highly effective especially on tiles where absorbent pads stick well. It may give the same results on hardwood and vinyl floors. Has got a trigger to control steam output.

Steam Boy Steam Mop

Powerful steam mop with a trigger control. Well sturdy with absorbs which work well on many floors.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam

Smart set steam control which is adjustable for tough and light cleans. Removable water tanks which are easy to clean.