Easy Green Soft Scrub for Tub and Tile Recipes-A Step towards Sustainable Green Living

It’s your bathroom and kitchen that tell tales about your efforts towards hygiene and cleanliness. The biggest menaces are mold and grimy grouts that shove your hard work down the drain and become an eyesore. You should know that your commercial scrubs contain Ammonia, Chlorine and formaldehyde which are potential allergens, hormone disruptors and carcinogens.

And you, being the one dealing with the whole cleaning business are most susceptible to these health risks, which of course, affects the rest of the family as well. So, why not take a step towards sustainable living by making a green and healthy soft scrub for tub and tiles in your bathroom and rid of the fear of living under the shadow of these harsh chemicals that make your life more difficult. Let’s make use of these soft scrubs tile recipes and make green living a reality.

#1. Mix together 3/4 cups baking soda, 1/4 cup liquid castille soap and water for a creamy scrub. With a scrubby sponge, scrub the tub and the tiles while giving extra attention to those stubborn spots. Now, rinse well with water. For tough ones like mold, go for a second application or let it rest for some hours. Rinse well with water.

#2. Use the first recipe and for a lasting disinfectant effect on molds, spray the affected area with white vinegar. Now, wipe clean the area with squeegee.

#3. Mix 3 Tbsp. washing soda, 1/2 Tbsp. castille soap and water into a creamy texture. Now, scrub the tub and tiles of your bathroom using a scrubby sponge. Rinse generously with water. Go for a second application on the stubborn spots. Make use of the squeegee for wiping, it actually cuts down on your cleaning.

In addition to the scrubber, your trusted tools should include a used toothbrush, which comes in much handy for cleaning grout due to its focused approach. You can use it for spot scrubbing as well. It would be better if you make soft scrub in small batches as it eventually hardens up.

So, with these Easy Green soft scrub for tub and tile Recipes up your sleeve, take your green living to the next level, save your precious ones from the harmful effects of toxins and save some hard earned bucks too.