Cleaning Your House Regularly and Ventilating It Properly Can keep Dust Mites Away

Dust mites are the most commonly found allergen in your home. These tiny allergy triggering creatures that live off shed human skin flakes, can be found practically at every place that is heavily used. It is important to ventilate and keep your home clean and dry both from the health and hygienic point of view as these allergens thrive in warm and humid environment. 

Even if you regularly vacuum your carpets, the fibrous layers tend to trap these mites deep inside. The best option is to remove carpets from areas wherever it is possible, tiled floors and bare boards can be effectively cleaned with damp moping. You can choose area rugs over carpets as they are comparatively easier to wash and dry. For wall to wall carpeting and cloth covered furniture, use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters which can trap these allergens. You can also get your carpets steam cleaned professionally and steam cleaning kills these mites. 

Try maintaining practical and minimalistic bedroom furniture which is easier to clean such as wooden, plastic or vinyl. Replace your heavy drapes with blinds, shutters or washable curtains. Change and wash your bedding regularly in hot water. Choose synthetic pillows over feather ones as they are washable. Cover your pillows, mattresses and quilts with breathable allergen proof covers. Sunshine dries out moisture and kills these mites so expose blankets, heavy beddings and rugs to sunlight regularly. 

Dry dusting just displaces the allergens, damp wipe furniture surfaces with microfiber wash cloths. Wash stuffed toys regularly or you can also freeze them every week. Reduce clutter by removing all excess items that can collect dust. Vacuum clean your house every week. Fresh air reduces moisture naturally so ventilate your house by opening the windows and letting in the fresh air. Tannin acid powder naturally neutralizes the dust mite allergens so you can sprinkle it over carpets, couches, mattresses and pet beds. This may help in minimizing the effect of allergens. 

So, clean your house regularly and ventilate it properly for keeping these dust mites away from your home.