Cleaning Chocolate Stains from any Carpet in Four Simple Steps

Whether it fell off your plate or someone else’s, it’s on your carpet and now you have to get rid of it. As with all stains, the wrong course of action towards its expulsion could lead to detrimental effects. Before you handle any stain you should identify the material it is on. Different liquid cleaning agents have different outcomes on different materials. That said here’s how to clean that chocolate from a carpet. 

These are the items you will need.

  • Ammonia or vinegar
  • Pieces of cloth or kitchen towels
  • Liquid detergent

Step 1

Let the chocolate dry then scrape off as much as you can with a blunt, smooth object such as a spoon. Be careful so as not to damage the carpet and frequently clean the object with a cloth to prevent smearing.

Step 2

Mix half a cap of liquid detergent into two cups of warm water. Make sure to pick a non bleaching detergent to avoid perverse outcomes. With the solution, run a quick patch test on an out of sight area of the carpet. Wait some five minutes and if nothing ugly happens you can safely use it to clean that chocolate from your carpet. If they do however, dab the patch in cold water and rinse it out before seeking an alternative.

Step 3

Dampen a piece of clean cloth in the detergent solution and gently dab the stain with it. Do this repeatedly for a minute. Wait a couple minutes after before clearing out the area with a dry cloth.

Step 4

Dip another cloth in the vinegar or ammonia and blot the stain again for a minute or so. This will help clean out the lingering detergent that could encourage later stains. You can finally, rinse out the area with a cloth and some warm water before letting it dry. This procedure can be repeated until the stain is completely cleared out. 

No matter how hard you try clean chocolate from a carpet, it might never come off if you wait too long. It is important that you try work at it as soon as possible. The longer it lasts on that carpet, the more it will set into it and the harder it will be to clean off.